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Because Our Best Friends Deserve The Best... Naturally!

Keen sense of smell

Aromatherapy is the perfect natural option for dogs, as their keen sense of smell helps them respond quickly and positively to the holistic remedy. In addition, essential oils are considered the world's oldest form of natural medicine because the chemical compounds in the oils can encourage healing both physically and mentally.


This means that aromatherapy and herbal products can be both safe and effective. And, this is exactly why the eSCENTial Dog was created!

eSCENTials Aroma has put countless hours into developing the perfect line of all natural items for your dog.  From seed to store, we care for you all the way through!

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Peaceful Pooch - a beautiful blend of calming oils to help relax a dog experiencing stress or anxiety. Great for vet visits, car travel, storms, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, and more.

Pests Be Gone - an all natural bug spray that helps repel ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, and flies.

Pup-Pourri - a fragrant mix of oils and plant enzymes to help remove pet odors. 

Safe for fabrics and for Fido!



Panic Pause - an aromatic blend of premium oils to help ease a frightened dog.

May be helpful with rescues or dogs that have experienced trauma.

Pain Away - a powerful anti-inflammatory oil for pain.

Includes essential oils, herbal extracts and CBD.

Pamper My Spot - a soothing blend for hot spots, allergies, or irritated skin.



Paw Protect - a nourishing herb infused shea balm to help protect and heal paws, elbows, and nose.

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